Polaris’ portfolio company SSG has acquired the family-owned pest control service company Kiltin

Polaris’ portfolio company SSG has acquired the family-owned pest control service company Kiltin and thereby widens the group’s strategic perspective. Kiltin is acquired from Niels Jacobsen, whose father established the company in 1948. As a result of the acquisition, SSG will incorporate one of the leading pest control service companies in Denmark into the group and thereby gain a solid platform within pest control services for municipalities.

Kiltin offers its services nationwide and has more than 70 pest control specialists employed. This makes Kilting a leading supplier of pest control services in Denmark that serves both municipalities and commercial corporations.

Niels Jacobsen will be the last generation of the family to lead Kiltin, a company that has been owned by the family since it was established in 1948: “It has naturally been a difficult decision but during the acquisition process I have only been confirmed that Kiltin and SSG share its cultural values. I am therefore convinced that this is the right decision for Kiltin to support the company’s journey going forward,” says Niels Jacobsen.

According to Carsten Fensholt, Group CEO in SSG, the SSG Group incorporates a strong player in the pest control industry, which will not only expand the group’s strategic focus and offerings, but also support and supplement the existing business units in SSG: “First of all, we take over a healthy business that employs some of the most competent pest control specialists in the industry. During Niels Jacobsen’s ownership, Kiltin has managed to expand its position in the industry and still maintain a strong culture. Due to climate changes, we expect to see a growth in the number of pests and thereby increasing damages related to pests in the future. In SSG, we handle the negative consequences that those changes bring to buildings and thereby human beings’ living conditions, and therefore we also perceive Kiltin’s services as attractive supplements to our existing offerings.”

Climate changes as the primary driver behind the acquisition
It is SSG’s customers’ conception that climate changes, extreme weather conditions, and increasing number of cloudbursts will lead to an increasing threat from pests and damages related to pests in the coming years – and that this trend will lead to significant financial consequences. As a result of this, the acquisition of Kiltin is a strategic move to increase SSG’s presence in a market that is expected to grow in the future.


About SSG
The SSG Group was founded in Denmark in 1993 and is today a leading Nordic provider of damage control and industry and property services. SSG has strong competencies within maintenance of property assets, prevention, and limitation of damages as well as preservation of values. Since 2012, the company has completed several strategic acquisitions, and SSG now has nationwide coverage in Denmark, Norway and Sweden with around 1.000 employees and 70 centres. For further information, please visit www.ssg.dk

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