Avedon Capital Partners sells its investment in Olympia to Morgan Stanley Tactical Value Investing

Morgan Stanley Tactical Value Investing invests in Olympia. Since last Tuesday, 12 November 2019, the investor is a minority shareholder in the employment agency and is taking out Avedon Capital Partners. With Morgan Stanley Tactical Value Investing the company gets a shareholder on board that will support Olympia in its further growth and roll-out of the strategy. Olympia focuses on a leading role in the social transition to meaningful work. The combination with Morgan Stanley Tactical Value Investing gives an extra boost to this.

In Morgan Stanley Tactical Value Investing, Olympia has found a new investor that endorses its ambition and strategy. Dimitri Yocarini remains as CEO and grows to a majority stake. The management of Olympia is investing and remains unchanged. Avedon Capital Partners sells its stake in Olympia. The Supervisory Board and the franchisees of Olympia support this new combination.

Meaningful work
In recent years, Olympia, together with Avedon Capital Partners and the franchisees, has further strengthened the organization. A national organization that combines years of expertise in job placement with local strength of entrepreneurs and own branches in the regions. With Morgan Stanley Tactical Value Investing, Olympia will continue to build a data-driven, digital company in the coming years. People and the meaning of their work are central to this. The organization focuses on operational professions in six segments: logistics, production, contact centers, municipal authorities, technology and administration. Within these segments, Olympia prepares people for the future by training, developing and mediating them to permanent and temporary work. Olympia has thus secured a socially relevant place in the labor market.

Dimitri Yocarini, CEO of Olympia: “I look forward to working with Morgan Stanley Tactical Value Investing. They will help us realize our ambition to guide employees and employers in a rapidly changing labor market. That is why, in our mediation, we focus on training, education and personal development of people. We help job seekers to discover and deploy their unique value. This enables us to continuously provide solutions for the ever-changing demand for the right people. Avedon has been important for the development of recent years and they deserve every credit for that. We are now entering a new phase in combination with Morgan Stanley Tactical Value Investing as an investor. That makes us ready for the future.

Frederik Wijsenbeek, Executive Director at Morgan Stanley Tactical Value Investing: “Olympia is a distinctive company. It is the entrepreneurial culture in combination with the special vision, in which people are central, that makes them a top player in their sector. The fact that, in the chosen segments, they are constantly growing faster than the market proves this. ”

Gerritjan Eggenkamp, Partner Avedon Capital Partners adds: “I am proud of the transition that we have achieved together. The strategic choice to focus on six segments through a dual model, the significant investments in digitization and the recruitment and development of talented people, has translated into impressive growth. I expect that from this base Olympia, together with Morgan Stanley Tactical Value Investing, will distinguish itself even further towards candidates and clients. In this way, Olympia will be able to help more people in meaningful work in the future. “

About Olympia
We are Olympia. We offer meaningful work to more than 12,000 people every day. We do this by making work available that matters. Work with which people give meaning to their lives and / or that of others. In a labor market that is constantly changing, we are the discussion partner for people and companies that want to develop. With more than 130 branches (a mix of own branches and franchise), Olympia is locally present to connect companies and people. With our 700 employees, we take care of connected people and happy clients. For more information, visit www.olympia.nl.

About Morgan Stanley Tactical Value Investing
Morgan Stanley Tactical Value Investing, a team within Morgan Stanley Investment Management focuses on providing capital to growing ambitious organizations. Agility and agility are central here, with no restrictions in sectors, types of investments and geography.

About Morgan Stanley Investment Management
Morgan Stanley Investment Management counts on September 30, 2019 together with its investment advisory partners, more than 699 investment professionals worldwide and has USD 507 billion in assets under management or supervision. Morgan Stanley Investment Management strives to provide excellent results for long-term investments and services, and offers a comprehensive package of investment management solutions for a varied customer base, including governments, institutions, companies and individuals around the world. For more information about Morgan Stanley Investment Management, visit www.morganstanley.com/im

About Avedon Capital Partners
Avedon Capital Partners is a leading private equity investor in small to medium-sized companies in the Benelux and Germany. Avedon invests in companies with strong founders / owners and management teams that have distinctive and ambitious growth plans. Avedon works closely with its management teams to realize these plans. The Avedon team is based in Amsterdam and Düsseldorf and manages more than € 500 million in capital. Avedon seeks opportunities in niches in four sectors: i) Software & Technology; ii) Business services; iii) Industry & Engineering; and iv) Consumer products & Leisure. Over the years, the team has supported 27 growing companies in the field of strategic (re) positioning, revenue growth, human capital and operational improvements. Avedon has a very strong track record when it comes to supporting growth. For information, visit www.avedoncapital.com.

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