EIGHT ADVISORY carried out the financial and tax buy side due diligence on behalf of AddSecure Group Services AB, a portfolio company of Castik Capital, in the context of its acquisition of the DigiComm Group

The acquisition includes three independent but mutually benefitting companies: DigiComm GmbH, Temeno GmbH, and Insert IT GmbH. Through this strategic move AddSecure expands its presence in the DACH region and gains access to a wide range of critical infrastructure expertise and offerings. Thus, enhancing its already solid capabilities and expertise in secure critical communications. Additionally, this strategic move allows AddSecure to enter the emerging area of digital waste management.

For DigiComm Group, this acquisition represents a significant milestone in their growth journey. By becoming part of AddSecure, they gain access to the financial stability and resources of a larger, expansive player. This will empower DigiComm Group to unlock their next phase of growth and further enhance their market position.

The Eight Advisory team for this transaction consisted of Marc Niclas, Partner, Dominik Schmidt, Director, and Daniel Martin Vicario, Manager.

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