Eight Advisory supports Perwyn in its acquisition of Barfer’s Wellfood

Perwyn completed its investment in German-based raw, natural pet food company, Barfer’s Wellfood. The business has grown significantly in recent years due to the increasing consumer demand for natural, nutritionally beneficial pet food. Eight Advisory Germany supported the transaction with financial and tax due diligence, as well as tax structuring services.

Barfer’s Wellfood, founded in 2011 by Norman Vogel, is a Berlin-based raw food company. At the time of foundation, BARF was only known to insiders and experts, and has since developed into an attractive market with strong growth rates. Today, Barfer’s Wellfood has a strong position among its broad customer base that values individual and high-quality pet food.

The premium brand offers more than 200 products through their online shop and distributes orders across Germany via their integrated logistics center. In addition, they offer dog and cat lovers professional advice on the ideal food mix for their pet at dedicated stores in the Berlin area.

Perwyn will partner with Norman to accelerate Barfer’s plans to make healthy choices for pet owners easy and accessible. Having previously invested in several digital direct-to-consumer businesses including Gousto, Lookiero, and Secret Sales, Perwyn will be able to leverage its experience to continue to build on Barfer’s leading position as a D2C player focused on the BARF segment.

The Eight Advisory team with Marc Niclas and Mehmet Örnek were responsible for the financial due diligence. The tax due diligence and tax structuring services were led by Jan Ole Burchert with the support of Manuel Wall, Adrian Mayer and Alexander Block.

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