Gimv partners with the founders of Les Psy Réunis group to develop a leading outpatient mental care provider in Switzerland

Gimv has invested alongside the founders of the Les Psy Réunis. This investment is aimed at accelerating the development of a network of mental care centers across Switzerland and strengthening its organisation to face the upcoming regulatory changes in the sector.

Created in 2018 by Doctors Elizabeth and Andrei Cicotti, Les Psy Réunis has established a strong position in the outpatient mental care space in Switzerland. In 2021, the Group’s psychiatrists and psychologists have provided more than 50,000 consultations to patients.

Les Psy Réunis is one of the most dynamic players in its market. Under the leadership of its founders, it has set up a model of group practices preserving the independence of doctors whilst matching the effectiveness of more integrated models. Since inception, it has experienced very strong organic growth and aims to consolidate its market through an efficient operating organisation based on two pillars, quality of care and a strong appeal to treatment providers.

Today the group runs five centres in Geneva and has more than 80 therapists. In partnership with leading doctors, it plans to pursue its growth in its core market as well as in strategic adjacencies (eg. mental care at home, training, etc.) through both organic and external growth. To achieve this, the Group intends to draw on its talents, further develop the current infrastructure and implement its digitisation plan. In order to lead this effort, it has recently strengthened its management team through the appointment of Cédric Alfonso, former CEO of the Clinique Générale-Beaulieu, and of Apolline Eberlé who has extensive experience in supporting healthcare institutions in their digital transformation.

“Choosing the Gimv team as a partner was natural, as we share common values and the same vision for Les Psy Réunis. We were convinced by their knowledge of the healthcare sector, and their ability to provide support in strengthening the organisation and implementing a build-up strategy”, explains Andrei Cicotti, CEO of Les Psy Réunis.

“The Healthcare team has identified the strong demand-supply gap in the outpatient mental care space and has been looking to invest in players able to be part of “the solution”. We are convinced that Les Psy Réunis, created by visionary entrepreneurial doctors, is part of the answer. Our expertise in the consolidation of healthcare subsectors and implementation of ambitious digital and ESG roadmaps, combined with our long-term vision, will be key levers to realize our shared ambition. We are very proud to have been selected by the founders to support them in their development plans” says Gautier Lefebvre, Healthcare Partner at Gimv.

Kevin Klein, Healthcare Principal at Gimv adds: “Les Psy Réunis in our view constitutes an ideal platform for creating a major player in outpatient mental health care in Switzerland. The Group relies on a top-notch team which has demonstrated that its concept delivers excellent results for all stakeholders and is ready for rollout on a larger scale”.

No details are given on the financial side of the operation.

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