Groupe RG (Ardian) in exclusive negotiations to acquire Vandeputte Group

With this forthcoming acquisition, Groupe RG has taken another decisive step in its development strategy to become Europe’s leading independent specialist PPE retailer.

The Vandeputte Group comprises the Vandeputte Safety, Prosafco and S4M brands and companies. Groupe RG entered into exclusive negotiations with its shareholders on June 27, 2023 view to acquiring Vandeputte Group. The acquisition will become effective once all regulatory formalities have been completed. Ardian and Latour Capital, which acquired Groupe RG in December 2021 alongside its management, are supporting this acquisition by increasing their stakes.

Pierre Manchini, Chairman and CEO of Groupe RG: „The acquisition of  Vandeputte Group is a significant step in the development of our Group. It confirms our strategic ambition to become the leading PPE specialist in Europe. It is also a key moment for the Vandeputte Group, a family business founded over 70 years ago in Belgium, and for its CEO Dirk Vandeputte. As such, I am honored by the confidence he has shown in us by agreeing to link the destinies of our companies.
In the course of our discussions, Dirk and I came to realize the extent to which our companies shared common histories, values and visions. It was these similarities, together with our shared ambitions, that convinced us of the relevance of this merger and, beyond that, of our ability to succeed together tomorrow.
Far from being the end of the story for Vandeputte Group, it’s a new chapter that we’ll be co-writing with Dirk, who remains at my side in this new and exciting adventure.”

Dirk Vandeputte, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of Vandeputte Safety: 
„We spent a long time considering the future of the family-owned group, in a market environment where the concentration of players has accelerated in recent years.
We came to the conclusion that Groupe RG was the best partner for us, not only to ensure the long-term future and development of our company, but also to preserve its identity and values, while integrating it into a broader, more ambitious project. Convinced of the relevance of this operation, our family shareholders and I are reinvesting significantly in the share capital of the newly-formed group.
I look forward to working alongside Pierre to realize our shared vision. This operation is obviously important for our companies, but it also represents a real game changer for the PPE market in Europe.”


About Groupe RG
With sales of over €330 million, 1,000 employees, 46 branches & subsidiaries in France and Europe, and the leading French network of independent PPE distributors (EPI Center), GROUPE RG is the leader in specialized PPE distribution in France and a benchmark player in Europe. Its sustained organic growth is accompanied by a dynamic acquisitions policy supporting its strategy of becoming the specialist in PPE distribution and associated services in Europe. Since 2019, the Group has completed 12 acquisitions in France, Spain, Italy, Tunisia, Slovakia and Ireland.

About Vandeputte Group
Founded in 1947 in Belgium, Vandeputte Group is a leader in specialized PPE distribution in the Benelux countries. The family-owned company generates sales of nearly €145 million and employs 360 people. Vandeputte Group is the parent company of Vandeputte Safety, S4M and Prosafco.

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