Code & Co. announces strategic partnership with intcube to provide integrated cyber security assessments to private equity and growth investment clients

Code & Co. is pleased to announce that it has launched a strategic partnership with intcube (int3) to deliver expert cyber security assessments to its clients. This partnership follows the firms’ collaboration on a series of successful security focused and security conscious private equity buyouts and financing rounds.

Founded by Dror-John Roecher, a 25-year veteran of the European cyber security industry and ex-CBO of DCSO (Deutsche Cyber-Sicherheitsorganisation), int3 is a leading German cyber security advisory firm. Through this partnership, Code & Co. clients will have access to top-quality cyber security expertise as part of the wider tech and product due diligence offering. This will be appended optionally to the existing due diligence product, with all findings analyzed and presented by the Code & Co. team.

Cyber security continues to be one of every business’ largest areas of risk, and those backed by private equity and growth investors are no exception. By working with a best-in-class provider of specialist services, Code & Co. is proud to continue to expand its offering of the finest array of tech and product due diligence services. By working alongside subject matter experts and strategic partners in fields like open-source audits, static code analysis, and cyber security, Code & Co. continues to develop a unique and holistic approach to technology and product due diligence for the global private equity markets.

“We are so pleased to formalize this partnership between int3 and Code & Co. We have worked well with Dror and the team on many occasions, and we all look forward to continuing that work and delivering the best possible outcomes for all our clients. Cyber security has never been of more importance than now, and the partnership with int3 will help us to deliver market-leading cyber security focused services such as cyber maturity assessments to our customers,” said Lukas Ingelheim, Founding Partner of Code & Co.


About Code & Co.

Code & Co. is an independent advisory firm specialized in advising funds in the global alternative investment industry. Its expertise is modern and holistic technology and product due diligence. From outside-in audits and confirmatory due diligence to portfolio audits, exit preparation, and vendor due diligence, Code & Co. provides its clients with crucial insight across the entire investment life cycle.

About intcube

intcube (int3) is a purpose-driven German cyber security advisory firm founded and wholly owned by Dror-John Roecher, a veteran of the cyber security industry. It provides guidance and advice backed by 25 years of real-world experience to organizations and investors. int3 supports investors by analyzing potential acquisitions and mitigating investment risk by identifying security red flags. int3 also supports businesses to develop and implement the best cyber security strategy, tailored to budgetary concerns and threat models.

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