OMMAX Advised on the Successful Sale of FACTOR ELEVEN

OMMAX supported FACTOR ELEVEN, the leading software company in the field of digital marketing, on the sale of FACTOR ELEVEN. In preparation for the SALE, OMMAX supported FACTOR ELEVEN with a commercial vendor due diligence and examined FACTOR ELEVEN’s business model, market dynamics, competitive landscape, historical performance, and the management’s business plan.

FACTOR ELEVEN was very satisfied with OMMAX’s work.

Alexander Anhuth, CEO & Founder of FACTOR ELEVEN, on the collaboration: “OMMAX supported us by effectively combining digital advertising understanding and platform expertise to derive a concise factbook about our unique offering as a trusted European true one-stop platform. They managed to elaborate on the drivers of our success and highlighted valuable insights that were an important factor in the transaction process.”

„We very much enjoyed working with FACTOR ELEVEN and the management throughout the process. FACTOR ELEVEN has shown a strong trajectory of organic growth since its foundation with high customer retention driven by a unique one-stop platform for digital advertising and constantly expanding product features towards the lower funnel. In the future, the company will benefit from worldwide data privacy legislation on 3rd-party cookies only affecting competitors and advertisers trying to diversify marketing budgets away from Google, Amazon and Facebook.“ – Toni Stork, CEO at OMMAX

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FACTOR ELEVEN GmbH is a leading technology company whose one-stop software solution supports advertisers in their cross-channel campaigns. Founded in 2014 by Alexander Anhuth, the company uses proprietary algorithms and delivers transparent billing on a KPI basis in addition to Brand Safety. FACTOR ELEVEN is constantly developing its own technology stack to automate and simplify the process from campaign planning to billing. Campaigns can be planned and booked by all advertisers in both managed and self-service (software as a service) mode. Simultaneously, the platform processes digital campaigns for over a thousand companies. Its customers and partners include well-known companies from the corporate enterprises, agencies and SMEs sectors. The company currently employs just under 100 people and, in addition to the German market, is also active in the Austrian and French markets. Further international markets will follow. For more information about FACTOR ELEVEN, please visit:

About OMMAX 
OMMAX is a fast-growing digital strategy consultancy in Europe, specializing in digital M&A transactions, strategy and end-to-end execution of digital initiatives with the objective to accelerate growth and profitability. Over the last 10 years, OMMAX supported building digital leaders in 8 industries with 250+ M&A deals realised, with >€15B deal value and 1500+ international value creation projects for leading private equity firms’ areas of digital strategy, operational excellence, advanced data analytics, tech and automation. As a front-runner for holistic data-driven strategy consulting and end-to-end execution of digital solutions, OMMAX is the leading consultancy within European Private Equity, specialising as both the architect and the executor of digital solutions.

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