Telescope Advisory: Cloudflight to Expand Its Offering with the Acquisition of UX Design and Software Engineering Specialist Macio

New software solutions must come with a simple and intuitive user experience to be fully accepted by its users – regardless of the device, it is used on. Whether it is used on a shopfloor machine, mobile- or desktop application, the efficiency of the software often relies on the interaction with humans.Hence, the interface becomes even more crucial in times of ever-rising adoptions of artificial intelligence within the industrial IoT landscape. Therefore, human-machine interfaces (HMIs) help to translate complex applications to make them accessible for the human user.

With Cloudflights most recent acquisition of Macio GmbH, they are adding a specialist in embedded software engineering and developer of intuitive customized HMIs to its portfolio. Thereby, they bridge another gap in their customer’s digital transformation by delivering an end-to-end product portfolio – from enhanced human-machine communication via a scalable platform to highly tailored software solutions.

With Macio’s capabilities, they also improve in the areas of digitalization in manufacturing and industrial IoT.

“I am deeply impressed by the way Cloudflight is positioning itself in a rapidly changing market. Not least by the fast pace, the team applies in doing so which is key in these times. My congratulations to both Cloudflight and Macio on this promising transaction!” says Dennis Peter-Proske, Principal at Telescope Advisory Partners.

Through the merger with Macio and the additional previous acquisition of Cognostics, Cloudflight not only offers a broader portfolio with new perspectives to its customers but also emerges as an even more significant player with ~650 employees.

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Transaction Team

Simon Fischer, Managing Partner, Transaction Advisory (Industry focus: Software and IT, General Manufacturing, and Marine, Defense, Automotive – Consulting focus: Due Diligence, Growth Enablement, and Value Creation

Dennis Peter-Proske, Principal, Transaction Advisory(Industry focus: Automotive, Healthcare, TMT – Consulting focus: Target Screening, Commercial Due Diligence, and Platform Buy-&-Build Strategies)

Maximilian Maier, Consultant, Transaction Advisory (Industry focus: Software & IT, Automotive, Business Services –Consulting focus: Pre-DD Assessments, Commercial Due Diligence, and Target Screening)

Julian Hoffmann, Analyst, Transaction Advisory (Industry focus: Automotive, Mobility, E-Commerce, Digital Business Transformation – Consulting focus: Pre-DD Assessments, Commercial Due Diligence, and Target Screening)


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